Effective Internet Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

by Cade Arnel on July 25, 2011

What is a marketing strategy?

Having an effective marketing strategy is the difference between businesses that are successful and those that are not. As Winston Churchill said “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. Before getting into internet marketing strategies, the term ‘marketing strategy’ should be defined.

A marketing strategy simply refers to the process that ‘integrates an organization’s marketing goals into a cohesive whole.’ The marketing strategy of an organization is set out in the overall marketing plan, and is ideally drawn up after market research is conducted.

Internet Marketing Strategy

What is an effective internet marketing strategy?

An effective marketing strategy is one which enables sales to be increased and a sustainable competitive advantage to be achieved. Effective internet marketing strategies work the same way and like conventional strategies focus primarily on:

  • What is being offered by the company
  • Who the customer is and what their needs are
  • Making the experience easy & pleasant for the customer.

Internet Promotion Strategies that work…

To best market themselves on the web, businesses must pay attention to their online promotion strategies. The targeted traffic a website is able to generate and the related conversion rates is of the utmost importance, and is directly related to the execution of their online marketing strategies. The following are examples of internet marketing promotion strategies that can be applied by any kind of online business:

  • E-mailing visitors: This is one of the main ways to get customers to come back to your website. One way this can be done is by having monthly electronic newsletters sent out.
  • Getting visitors to bookmark and share: When visitors bookmark your site, they are more likely to return to it. Making it easy for your visitors to share your content on sites like Facebook, is also a powerful social media strategy.
  • Special promotions/free products and services: This has to be done in a cost effective manner, and done in the right way is sure to improve the goodwill of your organization and is also likely to have visitors return to your domain.

Niche Internet Marketing Strategies

Effective internet marketing strategies are about maximizing return on investment by focusing and concentrating only those who are the potential clients of the organization.

The marketing strategy that is formulated must be focused on the target market. This brings us to the concept of online niche marketing, where affiliate marketers often use internet-based niche segments of larger markets (i.e. niches). Websites are then developed to serve this target market. Internet marketing strategies must be formulated on the target market and their needs.

Internet Marketing Niche

Internet marketing strategies are effective when they enable the business to attain its business and marketing objectives. Each internet marketing business must use those strategies that are best suited to their individual organization and clients.

Are there other topics you’d like us to focus on? We’d love your suggestions in the comments below.

All the best with your Internet Marketing Strategies!



P.S. – If your in business, take the time to consider your IM strategies for a moment. Do they reach and appeal to your typical customer, and how are the executed. Put yourself in your typical customers shoes for a moment.

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Harry Lynn July 25, 2011 at 7:58 pm

G’day Cade,
Excellent kick in the bum for many of us who are slackos with planning.


Cade Arnel July 25, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Hi Harry,
Yes planning is a very important part to successfully executing our internet marketing strategies for sure


David Moloney July 25, 2011 at 10:06 pm

Internet marketing strategies can learn a bit from bricks and mortar marketing strategies – especially the 7p’s of service marketing (product, price, promotion, price, people, processes and physical evidence). People may roll their eyes and say this is old school – but it’s not. They are the fundamental factors of successful business and you need to have a strategy for each one.


Cade Arnel July 25, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Hi David,
I think your right in a general sense, that to be successful online you need to satisfy the key elements of offline business. After all people by from people, not websites.


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