How to Fast Track Internet Marketing Success using a Mentor

by Belinda on February 25, 2010

Hi there Aussie Internet Marketer fans!

As my blog is about Internet Marketing, I thought in this post, I would talk about how to Fast Track Success using an Internet Marketing Mentor. In my previous posts i have talked about the importance of having a Mentor.  A Mentor according to Wikepedia is a trusted friend, counselor or teacher, a person who has more experience in a certain profession than yourself and can offer you expertise to advance your career, education or to build a network. In many different ways people have benefited from being part of a mentoring relationship, whether it be mentally, physically, financially or just because they needed some direction or guidance in their life.

7 Reasons Why you need an Internet Marketing Mentor ?

1. To avoid wasting time and money, by purchasing lots of Internet Marketing software products and courses promising to make you lots of money, but you get zero results.

2. You learn much quicker, a Mentor saves you time as they know where to look for things when sifting through the Internet.

3. Your Internet Marketing Mentor will have experienced all the problems you come across and can pass on their knowledge and expertise to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

4. A mentor keeps you motivated, gives you praise and keeps you challenged.

5. They help you grow your on-line presence to build a successful on-line business. If you are serious about building an on-line Internet Marketing Business, a Mentor should be part of your business plan and budget.

6. You get to meet lots of like minded people through forums, seminars and social groups, it is a great to form valuable friendships or contacts and learn from these people.

7.  A good Mentor is always accessible to you, and is always willing to help with any problems or questions, they become a trusted friend.

Choosing an Internet Marketing Mentor!

Choosing an Internet Marketing Mentor can be a hard agonizing job with so many choices on-line.  Your Mentor needs to be honest, good integrity, reputable, good business ethic’s and of course have proven success.  I would now like to introduce my Internet Marketing Mentor – Sean Rasmussen, Cade and i met Sean about 12 months ago at a seminar in Melbourne and were very impressed with his down to earth, positive attitude.  Sean is a family man and through hard work and shear determination he has built a hugely successful and very profitable Internet Marketing Business. Sean has many proven marketing strategies which is more than happy to share in his book Year of the Affiliate. This is what Sean says about his book….

“My book: Year Of The Affiliate is about the strategies I use online to succeed as an Internet Marketer. My immediate thought was “not to” share this information with anyone. After all, these marketing strategies were (and are) making me big dollars. I have however realised that life is about sharing and that is exactly what I am doing. In Year Of The Affiliate my best strategies are blatantly given away to anyone that reads it. When I first released this Internet Marketing Book, my direct competitors increased their sales using the very ideas I share in Year Of The Affiliate. Some of these “competitors” are now among my best friends.”

Fast track your Internet Marketing Success today, click here for your copy of “Year of the Afilliate”.

Year Of The Affiliate

Cade and I have also joined Sean’s on-line support forum based on the content from his book Year of the Affiliate, where you have a step by step guide to marketing strategies and access to like minded people who are willing to that extra mile to see you succeed.

Enjoy the journey!


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Lina Nguyen March 1, 2010 at 2:12 pm

You know, you should choose mentors very carefully. And I reckon you’ve made a great choice there Belinda.
.-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Green businesses in South Africa =-.


Cade Arnel March 3, 2010 at 3:37 am

I agree Lina, Sean and his Team are great….


David March 2, 2010 at 10:00 am

I absolutely agree with you Belinda. Mentors show the path to success. Often relying on free advice from friends or family (who haven’t been there before) is the most expensive advice you can get.


Cade Arnel March 3, 2010 at 3:40 am

Yes, great mentors can certainly save you alot of time and money…


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